Mr. Dong

I choose to endorse Vivian Santos as the candidate for position of City Councillor for the ward of Point Douglas.  Vivian has acquired a great deal of experience dealing with civic policies and politics when she served at the City of Winnipeg Mayor’s Office and as the executive assistant to current City Councillor for Point Douglas, Mike Pagtakhan. In the years that Vivian worked at City Hall, she has gained respect from the public as well as the city officials and staff.

I most admire Vivian for her commitment to her work, attention to detail and follow through with all projects.  From the time that I have known her, she has always been friendly and approachable. She has listened carefully to public concerns and I expect that she will do her best to assist the citizens with their needs. 

I believe that Vivian will bring continuity as well as fresh ideas to City Hall.  With proud enthusiasm, I support Vivian Santos as our candidate for City Councillor for Point Douglas.

-Gord Dong, Community Leader of Centennial Neighbourhood