Ms. Ball

"Vivian is one of those people who always helping wherever she can. If you are looking for help or information on any matter pertaining to the City of Winnipeg, she is a fountain of information and is quick to follow up should you require more information. She is very well versed on the workings of City Hall and is extremely competent in navigating and guiding those who reach out for help.

One of Vivian's greatest talents when it comes to working with communities, is that she really takes the time to listen and learn. She has spent many hours listening to the concerns of our neighbourhood through various community meetings and has a strong grasp of where the community priorities lie. Every person that speaks with her, leaves feeling that they have been heard and that she really will do the best for that person. She has never been one to tell us what we need, but rather, someone who listens intently and puts actions to the words that she speaks. Her dedication to communities that she serves, and is a part of, is astounding and we feel lucky to have had her be part of our community."

-Ms. Tracy Ball, President Sinclair Park Community Centre