In June 2020, Mayor Brian Bowman re-appointed Vivian to Acting Deputy Mayor for a 3rd consecutive year, as well as a committee member to the following:

  • Lord Selkirk-West Kildonan Community Committee;
  • Standing Policy Committee on Protection, Community Services & Parks; and
  • Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal & Public Works.

These committees meet at least once a month and the calendar schedule is available on the City of Winnipeg's website.  The Agenda for all committee and Council meetings are published online 96 hours in advance of the pre-scheduled meetings.  For open and transparency, all committee and Council meetings are also live streamed here

In conjunction with Vivian’s current role as City Councillor, she has undertaken important portfolios and roles that not only help the constituents of Point Douglas Ward, but also helps the City of Winnipeg as a whole. They are as follows: