Vivian's 40th Birthday Squat Challenge #lovelocal40squats


How is everyone hanging in there? Living in a world with COVID isn’t easy, it continues to impact every aspect of our lives. More than ever, I am thankful to be able to do my part by staying at home to help stop the spread. While I’m grateful to be safe at home, it can be hard on our mental health, we're all missing the things we ‘normally’ did every day. For me, I am missing the gym - big time.

I love training and lifting weights. It’s how I clear my head, gain perspective and find clarity and energy to tackle my day. Also, I’m always looking to improve my armwrestling – I am a two time provincial champ! ;)


Now that gyms are closed for the next while, I wanted to do something to help keep me accountable to moving at home and wanted to invite YOU to add a little movement to your day, too!


For my 40th birthday, I’m inviting everyone to join me to do 40 squats a day, every day for one month leading up to my birthday on December 18th.

It’s simple: 40 squats in 31 days. You don’t have to do them all at once. Five squats while you brush your teeth, 10 squats as you watch Netflix, or bust out some squats on your next Zoom call. These little bits of movement do add up – trust me!


Now, I LOVE to train, so I’m taking my squats to the next level and if you’re up for it, I invite you to do the same! Weighted squats at home. Throughout the month I’ll be adding extra weight to my squats with local products from around town. Let's share our local love while we squat. Grab anything you love! We have 31 could also grab a cat, a bag of flour, maybe even a small child! Who knows what we'll find around the house to pick up and squat with for 31 days...

Will you join me?

It's easy:

You only have to share your squats ONCE online, ideally sharing your love of a local business. 

  1. Photo document your squat/local love, tag @vivs204 and (very important!) tag the local business 
  2. Use the hashtag #lovelocal40squats
  3. lastly, please keep the local love going by tagging three others to join the #lovelocal40squats challenge

Share however you like via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram grid or on Instagram stories.

All you have to do is continue to do 40 squats a day up until December 18th.

You don’t have to continue to post daily, though feel free to continue sharing as you wish for the next 31 days. 


You can join the challenge ANYTIME. 

Are you in?

Woot! Can't wait to see all your #lovelocal40squats pics! Let's do this!


Squat tips:

Plant your feet on the ground. Keep your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width. Straighten your back. Angle your feet slightly outward toward 10 and 2 o'clock, not straight ahead.

Bend your knees. Pretend as though you are going to sit back in a chair. Keep your heels on the ground. Pull in your abs. Keep your back straight in a neutral position throughout the exercise.

Lower yourself in a controlled manner. As you go down, push your hips back. Go as low as your body can while still keeping your shins vertical and your heels on the ground. From the lower position, push up off your heels and slowly rise up, balancing by leaning forward as necessary.

Repeat. If you're a beginner, you may want to aim for 5 reps at first. Do a few here and there. Make your way up to 40 throughout the day.