In Progress

Family and children are a top priority for me. I am committed to improving our community spaces within the Point Douglas Ward. Below are some of the projects that are in progress for redevelopment.  Keep coming back every now and then to see updates!

Exchange District Local Area Plan (Downtown)

The Exchange District, a National Historic Site, features North America’s largest and best preserved collection of heritage buildings which include beautiful and massive stone and brick warehouses, elegant terracotta-clad buildings, narrow angled streets and cobblestone paths. The architecture provides a stunning backdrop for local restaurants, boutique shops, art galleries, museums and attractions.

The Exchange District BIZ, in partnership with the City of Winnipeg, is currently developing a long-range planning framework to help shape the future of the Exchange District. As part of this process, we are reaching out to Winnipeggers for their input, recognizing the Exchange is a special place for so many of us. Your feedback is important. Your responses to this survey will inform the vision for the future of the Exchange District and, ultimately, help shape the strategies to achieve that vision.

Funded by the office of Mayor Brian Bowman with contributions from the City of Winnipeg’s Gail Parvin Hammerquist Fund, and the Province of Manitoba’s Heritage Grants Program, this project aims to create a cohesive vision and plan for the Exchange District that will guide and inform future planning for the area.

Community Garden / Farm Project (Tyndall Park)

The NorWest Co-op Community Food Centre is interested in building a Community Farm to be a place for community members to work together, to learn and to share their knowledge, and of course, to grow food! Food security is a major issue in our community, and the food we grow would be used in our community kitchen, distributed at markets, taken home by volunteers working at the farm, and used in community feasts.

While increased access to healthy local food is a huge piece, the many other potential benefits are equally exciting. The surrounding area has very little greenspace, and much of what it does have are underutilized, empty fields. It is easy to picture a much more vibrant space - rows and rows of food growing, a space for people to sit and gather, Indigenous and butterfly plantings to bring more birds and wildlife to the area, and community members coming and working together. Even for people not directly involved in the project, just passing though an area that is cared for, beautiful and full of life would be a huge improvement from a vacant field. The impact truly would be community-wide.

For programming, we anticipate ongoing youth involvement with summer employment opportunities. With our connection to the larger community health organization, there are many therapeutic and mental health possibilities as well, such as specialized recreation and stress-reduction programs or even just the ability for counselors to meet their clients in an outdoor seating area instead of an office space. Most importantly though, we do want it to be a community-driven project with community consultations to determine what the community most wants and needs, whether that be outdoor family programs, having growing plots available for newcomers, or recreation opportunities for seniors. There are so many possibilities and we look forward to working with the community to develop this project and make their dreams a reality. 

Potential location behind Billy Mosienko Arena. 

Honourific Street Name "Cantor Way" (Weston)

Continuing to have constant dialogue with the Ed Cantor's family and area residents to install honourific street name to celebrate the Cantor Family.

Blue Bird/Lismore Park (Brooklands)

Blue Bird Park was last redeveloped in 1999, therefore the park is due for an update. With the open greenspace at Lismore Park right beside it, this is a good time to think of the two greenspaces together and come up with ideas for what is needed in the community and the best way to address it in the available park spaces.

We heard from you!
I am pleased to advise that the Public Engagement workshop dehld on Wednesday, March 2, 2019 at Brooklands School was very successful and well-attended by many key stakeholders and area residents. For more detailed information on the engagement, please visit the City's Website.

It was stated that Blue Bird Park needed replacement of the old play equipment and address the safety issues, such as poor sight lines and insufficient lighting. Area stakeholders also identified a skating rink and community gathering space as a priority for Lismore Park. To this end, a trial pleasure skating rink was installed this winter of 2019/2020, which has been highly successful and is being widely used.

Subject to funding approvals, construction for both these parks is scheduled to being this summer and completed in late fall.  With weather permitted, possibly completed in spring 2021.  Keep coming back to this site for updates on construction timelines. 

Blue Bird Park

To improve visibility, the play area has been shifted closer to Oddy Street with installation of new “Ages 2-12” play equipment and a two bay swing set, both with accessible engineered wood fibre safety surfacing to be installed. New 89cm (35”) tall wood fence with large openings between the fence boards and chain link fencing with baffle gates to prevent children from dashing out onto the street. Proposed earthwork includes removal of the existing hills and landforms that currently block sight lines into and through the park. Flattening the hills and re-sodding those areas to provide more useable space for ball play. To address the lighting concerns, replacement of existing light poles and fixtures with new LED pole lights located in approximately the same location to continue to illuminate both the path and the play area. Other features include a new compacted granular path, new site furniture, picnic areas and tree plantings.

Approximate cost for this project is $203,667.00. To view the redevelopment plans, click here

Lismore Park 

Most of the park will remain as open grass allowing for yearly renewal of the pleasure staking rink in the winter months and un-programmed play in the summer time. The proposed design will include installation of new benches, a picnic table and boulder seating blocks arranged around a steel firepit, which will allow users to lengthen their skating visits in the winter. Twelve (12) additional tree plantings will be installed mostly located on the north side of the park. Other new features include a new compacted granular path and same wood fencing materials to match Blue Bird Park. Accessible curb ramp at Oddy Street to create a crossing point for optimal visibility for vehicle drivers.

Approximate cost for this project is $69,474.00. To view the redevelopment plans, click here.

Ecole Garden Grove School (Garden Grove)

Provided a Community Incentive Grant of $17,500.00 to assist with the replacement of their stand-alone sign with an enhanced digital sign. This will assist with keeping the community up-to-date on important events and related school and community information. 

"Flip the Switch" unveiling event is scheduled in spring 2021.

Sgt Tommy Prince Place (Dufferin) 

Provided a Land Dedication Reserve Grant of $5,000.00 to assist with the concept plans of an interpretive display case which depicts the life and history of Sergeant Tommy Prince.  Location of the interpretive display is inside Sgt Tommy Prince Place, also known as North Centennial Recreational & Leisure Facility. 

"Unveiling" event to be announced once project is completed. 

Giizhigooweyaabikwe Park (Centennial)

Continuing to have constant dialogue with community stakeholders to development a long term plan for enhancement to the park.

Alderman John O'Hare Park (Centennial)

Continuing to have constant dialogue with the John O'Hare family and residents to develop a long term plan for enhancement to the park.

Northwood & Frank Whyte Park (Shaughnessy)

Continuing to have constant dialogue with Northwood Community Centre and residents to develop a long term plan for enhancements to the park. 

Tyndall Park Community Centre and Community School (Tyndall Park)

Continuing to have constant dialogue with Tyndall Park Community School and residents to develop a long term plan for enhancements to the park.

Waterford Green Park (Waterford Green)

Continuing to have constant dialogue with Waterford Green residents to develop a long term plan for enhancements to the park.