In Progress

I am a firm believer that it takes a complete community to raise our families. I am committed to improving our neighbourhoods within the Point Douglas Ward with strategic investments.

Below are some of the ongoing projects that are in progress for development.  Keep coming back every now and then to see ongoing updates!

Secondary Plan for South Point Douglas (Downtown)

The South Point Douglas has a long history of being one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Winnipeg. In the OurWinnipeg2045 the site is considered a "Major Redevelopment Site" which means it is a top priority to receive a Secondary Plan By-Law which will change and define the use of the lands which are currently Industrial and Manufacturing. 

Working with the Public Service and key stakeholders to secure funding to conduct a Secondary Plan for South Point Douglas, together with a Land Area Plan for North Point Douglas. 

Community Garden / Farm Project (Shaughnessy)

The NorWest Co-op Community Food Centre is interested in building a Community Farm to be a place for community members to work together, to learn and to share their knowledge, and of course, to grow food! Food security is a major issue in our community, and the food we grow would be used in our community kitchen, distributed at markets, taken home by volunteers working at the farm, and used in community feasts.

While increased access to healthy local food is a huge piece, the many other potential benefits are equally exciting. The surrounding area has very little greenspace, and much of what it does have are underutilized, empty fields. It is easy to picture a much more vibrant space - rows and rows of food growing, a space for people to sit and gather, Indigenous and butterfly plantings to bring more birds and wildlife to the area, and community members coming and working together. Even for people not directly involved in the project, just passing though an area that is cared for, beautiful and full of life would be a huge improvement from a vacant field. The impact truly would be community-wide.

For programming, we anticipate ongoing youth involvement with summer employment opportunities. With our connection to the larger community health organization, there are many therapeutic and mental health possibilities as well, such as specialized recreation and stress-reduction programs or even just the ability for counselors to meet their clients in an outdoor seating area instead of an office space. Most importantly though, we do want it to be a community-driven project with community consultations to determine what the community most wants and needs, whether that be outdoor family programs, having growing plots available for newcomers, or recreation opportunities for seniors. There are so many possibilities and we look forward to working with the community to develop this project and make their dreams a reality. 

Potential location behind Billy Mosienko Arena. 

Sgt Tommy Prince Place (Dufferin) 

Provided a Land Dedication Reserve Grant of $5,000.00 to assist with the concept plans of an interpretive display case which depicts the life and history of Sergeant Tommy Prince.  Location of the interpretive display is inside Sgt Tommy Prince Place, also known as North Centennial Recreational & Leisure Facility. 

"Unveiling" event to be announced once project is completed. 

Giizhigooweyaabikwe Park (Centennial)

Continuing to have constant dialogue with community stakeholders to development a long term plan for enhancement to the park.

It is expected to start the redevelopment in summer of 2022 and completed in 2023. 

Alderman John O'Hare Park (Centennial)

Continuing to have constant dialogue with the John O'Hare family and residents to develop a long term plan for enhancement to the park.

Northwood Community Centre (Burrows Central)

The existing play equipment, lighting and tennis courts have reached the end of their expected life span and should be replaced. In addition to replacing assets, we also plan to install new features focused on improving the park experience for families: increase seating throughout the park and an exciting new play structure area specially designed for kids aged two through 12. 

Your feedback will help us build a community park for our whole community. Please contact Ian Legge, Project Coordinator with the City of Winnipeg with any questions or comments by April 30, 2022. 

There is constant dialogue with Northwood Community Centre and area residents to develop a long term plan for enhancements to the park. It is expected to start the redevelopment in 2023. 

Conceptual Design of Northwood Community Centre

Tyndall Park Community Centre (Tyndall Park)

Continuing to have constant dialogue with Tyndall Park Community School and residents to develop a long term plan for enhancements to the park.

It is expected to start having area stakeholder community engagement this fall of 2022.

Komagata Maru Park (Waterford Green)

On April 28, 2022 Council unanimously agreed to rename the green space located at Singh Trail Park to “Komagata Maru Park” to honour the story and history of the Komagata Maru incident. The park is located at 80 Singh Trail between Old Commonwealth Path and Bloomfield Path. The renaming of this public green space is the first initial step in our collaborative efforts to continue to build a beautiful and memorable park which respects and values the tragic event that occured.

Continuing to have constant dialogue with Inkster Garden and Waterford Green residents to develop a long term plan for enhancements to the park.