Amending Motion to Complete Communities 2.0

WHEREAS the creation of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) agenda gave birth to hostile architecture, a detrimental form of urban exclusionism. By using hostile design typologies, cities can render public spaces unusable to undesirable citizens, and erase images of poverty, social decay and public disorder resulting in upper-class homogeneity;

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Amending Motion to Winnipeg Transit Master Plan

WHEREAS the City of Winnipeg has made a significant effort to reduce mobility barriers with free transit for children 11 and under, and the low-income bus pass program;

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Free Menstrual Products in Civic Buildings

WHEREAS menstruation is a biological process experienced by most young girls and women, it is not a choice, and access to menstrual hygiene products and information about menstruation is a basic human right;

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Affordable Transit for All

Pool Liner Replacement at Freight House Outdoor Pool

Expanding the Sunday/Holiday Bicycle Routes City Wide

Parking Rates in the Exchange Distrct

Traffic Study Keewatin and Logan