"Councillor Santos,

This is a quick note of appreciation for your efforts today at Council’s special meeting for the 2022 Operating and Capital Budgets. I watched the proceedings online and was impressed with the passion and thoughtfulness of your presentation and arguments. The phrase that a budget should not only be fiscally balanced but also socially-balanced resonates with me and many other Winnipeggers.

I hope you plan to stand for reelection in next year’s civic election. Your voice and experience will be much needed on the new Council."

- Ken Klassen, Winnipegger

"Hi Vivian! Had to respond from this address due to content- 

I've been wanting to say for some time that I'm so impressed with your work, and I'm really really glad you are on council.

I'm not sure how many of the policy positions you have taken were planned before you were elected- by my estimation, on some matters, you have actively learned on the job, listened, and formulated a position based on what the most impacted people have been telling you. This is so unusual in politics, and so incredibly valuable. So many people who are elected have their ideas set before they enter office, and their views only shift slightly; no matter where the electorate is at. 

More to the point, you've been willing to stick your neck out on the issues that in my opinion matter the most and are the hardest to push on- with the most potential for personal attacks. You are leading council on these issues- holding the police to account, and eliminating transit fares in particular come to mind; and you've continued to press despite lackluster collaboration and active opposition from fellow councillors. 

Its so hard to lose and I was licking my wounds for a while, but holy did I feel better when I saw what you were doing with the seat. You have my full, enthusiastic support. Thanks for your continued work!"

- Kate Sjoberg, Winnipegger

"Good morning Ms. Santos!

I want to drop a quick thank-you for meeting with my class last on Friday. They really enjoyed it and thought it was very interesting. Some of them wanted to write personal thank-you notes, and I'll forward them to you later this week.

We really appreciated that you took time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions."

- Curtis Bilewitch, Grade 9 English Social Studies Teacher, Sisler High School

"I am engaged with civic news & events and I admire your passion. I am grateful you are sharing your voice & visions to making Winnipeg a better place. 

Whenever I see your name in the news it is about something I support! It's encouraging for me to see.  I especially support the Affordable Transit & Accessible Menstrual motions and you have an impressive list of projects in your riding you're working on or already accomplished. 

I also supported you during the strange police commission board saga. I don't know the details necessarily but I was happy that you changed your mind when you originally wanted to stop with your role on the oversight committee (I think it was called) and continued your involvement!

Just wanted to send a message of encouragement as I'm sure you receive a lot of flack from critics and non progressive folks."

- Riel Willmott, Winnipegger

"Dear Ms. Santos,

I am writing you today to commend you for joining other justice minded politicians in calling for urgent action (i.e. increased funding) in the areas of supportive social housing and low-barrier safe spaces.  For years now, government funding for social housing has been reduced, leading to the current crisis, exacerbated by the global pandemic and severe winter weather.

Thank you for gathering together with others from all levels of government calling for increased funding to meet the emergency we’re facing as a community.

I should add that I’m particularly grateful that my representatives in all three levels of government (Gilroy, Naylor, Gazan) are part of this important call for justice."

- Gareth Neufeld, Winnipegger


"I received a phone call from the city on Monday morning and they will be changing the signage during spring break. I am very impressed with the prompt response and action from Councillor Santos. Thank you for your support in keeping our children safe."

- Principal Steven Nikkel, Shaughnessy Park School

"Ms Santos I want to thank you for the good job you are doing on Canada Way Blvd, the city workers seem to be doing a great job thanks to you. I know I have complained in the passed when it looked bad so I think I should complement you when things are good . Also you have sent a letter saying you will be repairing our street thank you for that as well . Also I don’t think you should let the police service dictate who should be their boss after all they work for us not the other way around . You have been elected by the people and you were appointed by your fellow councillors so I believe you have the right to be on the board. Thanks again"

- Allan Wirth, Winnipegger

"Today the city came and planted three crabapples on boulevards near my house. They even took out a stump and planted some grasee. So please make those 311 calls if you want trees.

Next year I am going to enjoy those pink flowers. They are small apples so they will not make too much of a mess. They do not have big leaves either so there will not be much raking. The trees will fit under the hydro lines.

Thank you City of Winnipeg and the forestry department"

- Cathy Collins, West-Alexander Neighbourhood Association

"Dear Councillor Santos,

I deeply appreciate your willingness to listen to (and act with) Winnipeggers who don't want to keep throwing money at 'solutions' that don't work. As a resident of Daniel Mac you aren't my elected representative, but today is the first time I've ever really felt as though my views were represented on the council. It makes me feel more hopeful about seeing a better Winnipeg.

Thank you for showing yourself to be a true neighbour by voting the way you did today."

- Devin Crow, Winnipegger

"Councillor Santos,

A quick note to say thank you for your words at council regarding the 2021 budget. It is imperative that elected officials from all wards demonstrate leadership with respect to the overwhelming evidence that the traditional police model simply does not serve the public interest, and that annual increases to the police budget is not good value, period. Thank you for your words. Please keep advocating on behalf of everyday Winnipeggers. It is noticed and appreciated."

- Etoile Stewart, Winnipegger

"Good Morning Councillor Santos,

Thank you so much for approving our grant application for the CIGP.  Everything has come together so nicely.  We just signed the agreement with Postime Signs and as soon as the snow melts they will be installing!  This is such a wonderful way to retire from Ecole Garden Grove School.  Friday will be my last day and knowing that our digital sign will be up and our front garden will be close to finished is a very satisfying feeling.  I look forward to seeing you at the big reveal party in the spring.  Amanda Capina, our Vice Principal will be responsible for all follow up for the grant.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day."

- Karin Freiling, retired Principal, Ecole Garden Grove School

"Hi Vivian. I appreciate your timely assistance with resolving a long standing issue of partial blockage of Curtis avenue that was extremely problematic with snow clearing operations and trucking access. We are also thankful for the cooperative and practical approach that the city has taken in assisting us with restoring 90 Annabella to become a beacon of vibrancy for the community. Thanks norm."

- Norm Nikkel, Winnipegger

"Dear Vivian Santos; Thank you so much for your $200.00 donation to our Parent Advisory Council. We appreciate the help and will put this money to great use towards our children. We did have “awesome Halloween Dances” this year as the kids enjoy dancing, seeing each other’s costumes…..and of course the food. In the New Year we hope to hold a movie night and maybe another event of “duct tape the principals to the wall!”  The kids LOVED doing it last year so we’ll probably will bring it back and this donation can help us provide the tape for the event!

We wish all of you and your team a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Hope to see you in the New Year at our events, thanks again ESKS PAC."

- Jennifer Zimmer, Chair, Ecole Stanley Knowles School Parent Advisory Council

"Hi Vivian.  Thank you for your prompt attention to Curtis street and your assistance in moving project 90 forward in regards to the planning departments speedy resolution to our potential zoning problem. Thanks."

- Norm Nikkel, Winnipegger

"Hello Vivian. Good evening. Please on behalf of the Unemployed Youth Africa Inc, l want to sincerely thank you for your very valued support which was rendered to us in connection with the recently concluded fund raising dinner. We are most grateful to you and your great team and promise you that the fund as usual must be put into a very deserved best use in accordance with our mission statement. We would remain thankful to you. God bless."

- Benjamin Okwudili, Unemployed Youth Africa Inc.

"Hi Vivian. Thank you so much for all your advocating for our new lights! They are wonderful! We finally have a sense of peace….It is amazing how small changes bring great rewards. Happy Holiday Season, keep fighting for us! Lots of negative media around closures, our children don’t need less they need more!!"

- Wanda Bruenig, Executive Director, Freight House Early Learning & Care Inc.

"I would like to on behalf of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Manitoba Provincial Council thank you for your contribution of $500 which went to cover the expenses associated with the annual Holodomor commemoration that took place at City Hall on Saturday 23 November 2019. Several hundred people gathered to honour the memories of the millions of victims of the Soviet man-made famine which swept Ukraine in 1932-33. During my remarks, I was honoured to mention your contribution to the success of the event...Once again thank you for your generosity. UCC-MPC looks forward to working with you on other projects in the future."

- Joan Lewandosky, President, Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Manitoba Provincial Council

"Good Afternoon Councillor Santos, We received your donation today towards our Community Christmas Dinner on December 27th, and are extremely grateful for your generosity. Your donation will ensure that we have everything we need to provide a delicious, full Christmas meal to the community at Lighthouse Mission. Thank you."

- Beverly Ajtay, Operations Manager, Lighthouse Mission

"Hello Councillor Santos, Please accept my sincere thank you for all your hard work on the museums file over the last year, and especially over the last few weeks. You’re a fighter and I like that! My guess is this is the last we’ll be talking about this for a while so all the best to you and your family over the Holidays."

- Christian Robin, Ex-board Member, Museums Board

"Hi Vivian, thanks so much for your support for our community.  I recently read your letter addressing the concerns that were raised after the crossing corridor accidental death of a student that attended Dufferin School. Your attention to improving the safety of all members is to be admired.  Thanks again for being a voice that is an agent for change."

- Wayne Wyke, Principal, Dufferin School

"Thank you VERY much for your support of the Share the Magic Book Program - I received the cheque late last week."

- Chris Melnick, Share the Magic Book Program

"Thank you so very much Vivian and Cassie for my BIG, WIDE AND BEAUTIFUL NEW TREE. Will ask the Rain Makers to do their thing on our New Tree."

- Teresa Forhan, Resident

"I’m so excited to let you know that the ESKS Bike cage had the final rack installation Monday May 5th!  Along with the rack install was a shiny new community bike repair stand. We will officially begin using the bike cage on Monday May 13th and will have a group of teacher volunteers out in the mornings to show students how to use the rack systems and the repair station...

All of these great improvements would not have been possible without the generous time and financial support from your constituency Vivian and fundraising efforts and support from the Stanley Knowles Parent council. We hope that you might be able to find time in your schedules to come for a short visit to tour the cage and stand as well as bike your way to a tasty smoothie."

- Luke Barr, Guidance Counsellor, École Stanley Knowles School

"On the behalf of Meadows west community, kindly accept our heartfelt thanks for naming the Roger Legrand park shelter as Bhai Khanayiya shelter. We appreciate your hardwork and dedication to the community."

- Wazir Singh Randhawa, Resident