Renaming Arlington Bridge to "Reconciliation Way"

Lord Selkirk - West Kildonan Commnity Committee January 22, 2019

Moved by Councillor Santos,

WHEREAS at the turn of the century there were limited options for crossing the CPR tracks as the population and commerce of the region continued to grow, the idea of an overpass at Brown Street (in the North End) and Brant Street (in the south) was proposed in 1906;

AND WHEREAS in 1906, Alderman Archibald A. McArthur was chair of the City Council's Bridge Committee who was tasked with negotiating road and land improvements between the City and the C.P.R.;

AND WHEREAS the Brown and Brant Street bridge project was debated by the Bridge Committee which made it through the council vote and became part of the official City of Winnipeg / C.P.R. improvements negotiations for the following year;

AND WHEREAS in August 1910 council changed the name of Brown and Brant Streets to Arlington Street to continue from its starting point at the Assiniboine River in Wolseley to Notre Dame Avenue;

AND WHEREAS the Arlington Street bridge was completed on February 5, 1912;

AND WHEREAS the Arlington Street bridge is the third oldest overpass in Winnipeg behind the Redwood Bridge and the Louise Bridge;

AND WHEREAS the Arlington Street overpass has been a unique part of Winnipeg’s skyline for over a century, and is a major transportation connection from the North End to the South End of the City;

AND WHEREAS the City of Winnipeg is committed to the journey of reconciliation;

AND WHEREAS it is the desire of the City of Winnipeg to demonstrate their support for the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and for Survivors by offering various gestures and expressions of reconciliation;

AND WHEREAS collective expressions of reconciliation are continuing to occur on a daily basis to affect positive change to collectively eradicate racism;

AND WHEREAS by renaming the Arlington Street overpass to “Reconciliation Way” is an exceptional gesture and expression of working towards reconciliation;

WHEREAS the Winnipeg Public Service is developing naming/renaming guidelines and processes for naming paths, trails, parkways and other city assets; and it is desirous of the Indigenous community to have ongoing discussions about name/renaming guidelines and processes, and have them provide additional direction and input;

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the renaming of the Arlington Street bridge and overpass to “Reconciliation Way” be laid over for up to 180 days for further dialogue with all community stakeholders and Indigenous communities to discuss the renaming, obtain additional direction and input on what the naming/renaming process should involve.